Sage 300 IMan Connector

IMan and the Sage 300 IMan connector allows you to integrate virtually any application with Sage 300.


To provide you a flavour of what can be achieved, some of our previous projects have included:


  • eCommerce & webstore – we’ve integrated a variety of commercially available and custom developed websites with Sage 300.
  • Purchase & procurement/EDI – integrating with a number of purchase and EDI providers.
  • Manufacturing systems.
  • Distribution and warehouse management – complex transactional integration with a number of third party logistics (3PL/4PL) providers.
  • Timesheet, billing & job costing.
  • Point of sale – integrating a variety of POS systems integrating with the G/L, A/R and cashbook modules.
  • Business process automation – automation of complex business processes such as: order & payment gateway processing; intercompany transactions e.g. back-to-back sales & purchase order processing, A/P, A/R & G/L transactions and; time and billing approval.
  • Banking transactions and reconciliation – importing of bank services and A/R receipts transactions to automate and streamline clumsy, lengthy & error prone manual processes.
  • Data feeds/automated data capture – importing data from a variety sources such as Excel and CSV files to speed or automate repetitive data entry tasks.


  • All integration is made through the Sage 300 views ensuring data is validated and business logic maintained.
  • All errors and warnings are logged. As our connector works through the views, errors and warnings are consistent with those generated when entering data manually.
  • We provide seamless support for Sage 300 optional fields, full tax support and multicurrency.
  • We smooth out the inconsistencies of the Sage 300 Object Model/views by providing a consistent record-field based user interface. Where there are shortcomings in the views we add the necessary logic and messaging.
  • Key transactional data (order & document numbers, batch Ids & entry numbers) is captured at time of processing and can used for detailed audit reporting and/or written back to the IMan dataset to facilitate complex transactional processing.

Please contact us to discuss your requirement.