Sicon Cashflow Manager

User Interface

The key to this product is the user friendly interface that displays relevant cash related information held within Sage 200 in a simple to understand format with the benefit of being able to manipulate transaction dates to reflect expected movements. Customers statements continue to show the invoice due dates based on agreed terms but cash flow manager can be taught individual client payment habits and move these invoices, for example, to an early date in the following month.



  • Single or multiple bank accounts form the basis for the cash flow plan.
  • Manages Sterling and Foreign currency bank accounts.
  • Current balance, un-cleared and overdraft limits included.
  • Sales Ledger and Purchase Ledger outstanding invoices with additional ‘forecast’ receipt/payment dates stored in the ledgers.
  • Build forecast sales, cost of sales and overhead costs into the plan using the Sage 200 budgets and report categories.
  • Drag forecast payments and receipts to expected dates on the plan.
  • Suppliers grouped on the plan by Payment Group.
  • Sales and Purchase Orders create planned income and cost entries.
  • Direct Debits and Standing orders are included in the plan.
  • VAT budget or actual (whichever is the higher) at VAT due dates.
  • Add manual items such as planned new asset purchases, investments, deposit payments for vehicles, marketing event costs etc. into the plan.
  • Create a custom view of your Sage 200 data by building your own group categories for Budgeted Sales & Costs of Sales, overheads and other manually entered cost items.