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AR-AP Settlements™

AR-AP Settlements™ for Sage 300 allows the settlement of receivable transactions with payable transactions, or vice versa. This is useful when the same company in Sage 300 are defined as an AR Customer, as well as an AP Vendor.



ATTPAC allows users to integrate non Sage 300 ERP sub-ledger modules e.g. payrolls, billing systems etc. with their Sage 300 ERP General Ledger. This removes the hassle of rekeying sub-ledger journals and ensuring a reliable audit trail.



BACCPAC™ is a Sage 300 SDK application, which facilitates and automates periodic backup operations according to your preferences. Available in Lite and Pro Editions.


Barcode Filer

By: Modulo Software


Barcode Filer is an optional separately purchased module of eImagePac that automates the attachment of image files to Sage 300 ERP transactions using bar code technology.


Bin Tracking

By: Orchid Business Systems


Bin Tracking allows you to track inventory items stored in multiple bins in a Sage 300 IC warehouse or location. Bins can include shelves, slots, containers, barrels, pallets or drawers.



By: Peresoft Software & Support


Peresoft Cashbook is a powerful business tool that maintains your bank account and organizes your cash flow. Cashbook offers seamless integration to Sage 300, complementing and enhancing your Sage 300 Accounting software.


Cashflow Forecasting™

By: Systronics


Cashflow Forecasting™ offers Sage 300 users a unique opportunity to prepare cash flow forecasts inside Sage 300.



By: Systronics


CashWorks™ is an SDK application designed to enhance the cash management functionality built into Sage 300. Lite and Pro Editions are available starting versions 5.5F-2014F.


Contract Change for PJC

By: Musick International Inc.


Allow replace or delete of Contract Codes in Sage 300 Project and Job Cost.


Data Repair Service

By: Musick International Inc.


#1 company for data repair/recovery.



By: Musick International Inc.


Analyze your Sage 300 database for errors.


DataSelf Analytics for Sage 300

By: DataSelf Corporation


DataSelf Analytics is a self-service and easy-to-use business intelligence solution for Sage 300 and other systems. It enhances Tableau and Microsoft BI by bringing 5,000+ reports, dashboards and KPIs, plus an ultralight data warehouse.


Document Attachment Applets

By: Systronics


Attach electronic documents and images, easily in one-step. Store any relevant information in transactions in Rich Text format and edit later as needed. Attach a document to a transaction. Attach a document to a detail line.


EFT Processing

By: Orchid Business Systems


Orchid EFT Processing streamlines payment & collection, tightens control over bank transfers in Sage 300. Transfers AR Receipts & AP Payments to the electronic funds transfer functionality of your banking software.


EFT Services

By: Dingosoft Pty Ltd


EFT Services is a Sage 300 Common Services, which sits inside Bank Services. Provides standard EFT file layouts which can be modified by the user (in a standard Sage 300 UI) if required. Prints/Emails remittance advices. Works with T/A, L/A & A/P.



By: Modulo Software


EFTPAC creates BPay payments and EFT payment, receipt, refund files from AP payment batches and AR receipt, and refund batches. EFTPAC is available bundled with MAILPAC our electronic document delivery system for a total ePayments solution.



By: Peresoft Software & Support


EFTXpress is an add on product which enables Cashbook users to select EFT as a Cashbook batch type. During posting of the EFT batch an EFT file is generated in the specific format your bank requires to process the EFT payments.



By: Modulo Software


eImagePac enables you to electronically store transaction images to your Sage 300 ERP data.


eMobilePOS for SAGE 300

By: e-Nabler Corp


eMobilePOS is a full-featured mobile POS and inventory management software running on Android or iOS smartphones and tablets for use in any sales scenario: quick service restaurants, retail, wholesale and distribution, field sales and field service. Sage 300 ERP [Accpac] Versions: 5.4 2014 Software as a service Call for more information and price


Employee Number Change

By: Musick International Inc.


The Employee Number Change utility changes one or more employee numbers throughout the Sage 300 database. Compatible with Sage 300 (Accpac) 2014, 2012, v5.6, v5.5. It works with Pervasive PSQL or MicrosoftSQL Server and includes both Canadian Payroll and U.S. Payroll.


eRequester for Sage 300 ERP

By: Paperless Business Systems, Inc.


eRequester is a leading Web requisition and workflow solution for Sage 300. It streamlines the purchase and expense approval processes with an easy to use interface, internal controls, efficiencies and audit trail to aid with SOX compliance.


ExpenseWatch -- Spend with Confidence



If you run a business, you spend money. ExpenseWatch empowers you to spend it with confidence. Automate spending processes with Expense Reports, Purchasing and Payable Invoice modules individually or as a complete spend management suite.


Field Extender™

By: Systronics


Field Extender™ is an SDK application for the creation and maintenance of unlimited optional fields and electronic documents.


Fiscal Year End Change

By: Musick International Inc.


Change from calendar year to non-calendar year or the reverse.


FixIT Professional

By: Musick International Inc.


#1 Data repair/recovery utility software for Sage 300 ERP (Accpac).


Gulf Utilities™ for Payroll

By: Systronics


Gulf Utilities™ for Payroll is an SDK application which brings Sage 300 ERP Payroll a step closer to GCC customers.


I/C Stock Aging Report™

By: Systronics


Use I/C Stock Aging Report to view and print aging of the stock from Sage ERP Accpac Inventory Control Module.



By: Orchid Business Systems


Slice & dice cubes without needing to log into Accpac


Inter Entity Trade

By: Orchid Business Systems


Do you have multiple entities trading with each other? Do you struggle to keep everything balanced? Do you need visibility across operations while using your standard business processes? Do routine transactions impede efficiency and growth?


Inter Entity Transactions

By: Orchid Business Systems


Inter-Entity Transactions keeps entities in balance - branches, divisions, departments, funds, projects, trusts or multiple companies held in one Sage 300 ERP database or across databases. NOW WITH CASH MANAGEMENT


Intercompany Utilities™

By: Systronics


Intercompany Utilities™ is an SDK product designed for intercompany transactions across multiple Sage Accpac Companies, and consolidation of intercompany aging data.



By: Modulo Software


MAILPAC enables easy electronic distribution of multiple Sage 300 ERP business documents in a single process using the email, fax and address details from your Vendor and Customer records.



By: Orchid Business Systems


Notes provides pop-up notes from any Accpac screen. They are user-definable and data-sensitive and can provide alerts and guides when entering data.



By: Modulo Software


OCRPAC automates data entry of Sage 300 ERP vendor invoices via optical character recognition (OCR) and is available bundled with eImagePac for a total document management solution. Enhances existing Sage 300 ERP screens and streamlines user training.


Payroll Import

By: Musick International Inc.


Import GL Journal entries from Payroll Services such as ADP and Pay Checks.


PJC Security

By: Systronics


PJC Security allows restricting user access to permitted Contracts only. Users can enter transactions and view Contracts that they are authorized to work with. The authorization is based on the first Contract Segment defined in PJC Options.


Process Scheduler

By: Orchid Business Systems


Process Scheduler allows Sage 300 ERP users to schedule & run data integrity checks & back ups any time, run Day End & post batches automatically, run other programs within a process, load & copy company data



By: Musick International Inc.


Property Manager provides you with the reliability and flexibility your business needs for meticulous control of all your properties.



By: Peresoft Software & Support


Fast, Automatic, Accurate, Bank Reconciliations. By enhancing the import reconciliation function already in Peresoft Cashbook, an automatic match of up to 99% can be obtained using RecXpress.


Report Runner

By: Orchid Business Systems


Do you run reports regularly? Monthly, Annual Reports? Do you want to automate preparation & distribution? Email, print, file? Leave time for important matters not routine? Report Runner gives a single menu to schedule and run reports.


Revenue and Expense Deferrals™

By: Systronics


Revenue and Expense Deferrals™ is an SDK application for Sage 300 ERP, which helps companies to amortize maintenance and service related contract revenue and expense over the life of the contract.


RMA and Repair Tracking

By: Orchid Business Systems


Return Material Authorizations & Repair Tracking. Easy to use, feature-rich framework to support your return process, providing efficient and tight control within Sage 300 ERP


Salesperson Code Change

By: Musick International Inc.


Change Salesperson Code throughout the entire Sage 300 (Accpac) database.


SYNDi: Loan Manager

By: Indus Systems


SYNDi Loan Manager processed interest-only and blended loans It comes in theree editions and the Premium Edition also distributes borrower receipts to lenders. The system generates reports to manage loans,



By: Systronics


ToolPac for Sage ERP Accpac is an external application designed to reconcile GL balances with subledgers, identify incorrect transactions, easily reconcile AP, AR, IC, OE and PO transactions with G/L.


Trust Accounting

By: Dingosoft Pty Ltd Dingosoft


Trust Accounting is a Sage 300 ERP module which meets the needs of Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Real Estate Agencies or any other profession where clients funds are held and need to be accounted for.


Unit Of Measure Change

By: Musick International Inc.


Change Inventory Item Unit Of Measure


View Extender

By: Orchid Business Systems


Customize & manage Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) business logic without code. By monitoring & logging changes in Sage 300 ERP data, View Extender simplifies tasks resulting from these changes +extra security, validation without needing coding



By: North49 Business Solutions Inc


Webtelligenceis a fully integrated Web Store and Customer Portal for Sage 300 ERP with two-way integration from the web to Sage 300 ERP. Webtelligence will satisfy all of your B2B and B2C ecommerce requirements.

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