Elite Integrations

How it Works:

Elite and SagePay


  • When a customer is ready to pay, the elite Integration ePOS system passes value of transaction to be processed to the Payments API which resides on the ePOS till
  • The Payments API relays the value and relevant information to the PED. The customer will then enter in their PIN details or tap their card for contactless payment on a Verifone VX820 PED
  • The PED will establish a secure and encrypted IP connection to Sage Pay to process the transaction
  • Once the transaction has been securely processed by Sage Pay, we will then communicate to elite Integrations ePOS system to inform it if the transaction has been authorised or declined
  • Elite integrations ePOS will complete the transaction and print the sales receipt if the transaction has been authorised


  • Easy integration with elite integrations ePOS solution.
  • Eliminates manual entry thereby reducing fraud or human error
  • Streamline separate business workflows by integrating payments with ePOS
  • Brings multiple value adds and payment methods into a single PED solution


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